Outpatient services including lab services Routine outpatient care to include visits to the GP, wellness checks, laboratory tests, wound dressings, injections, counselling,
Emergency care Emergency treatments for any medical condition, trauma and injury management, burns, wound care, chemical injury, road traffic accidents, domestic accidents, falls   
Emergency evacuation to India MEDIVAC services to India for treatment in case of any severe or life threatening illness, injury, accident or organ failure
Prescriptions in hospitals and in pharmacies Members will receive quality generic and brand drugs.  Hypertension, diabetes, Asthma covered-

Members can access drugs also at pharmacies. In such cases the Organization can send mobile money or refund member if receipt presented

Radiology procedures CT scans, X rays, ultrasound scans, contrast studies, angiogram, IVU
Physiotherapy Physiotherapy is covered up to an annual limit/ person- Family aggregation allowed
Hospitalization Admissions are covered for up to annual limit  per member per year

Families can use aggregated limit.

Dialysis Covered up to 10 sessions
Fertility care & reproductive care 

IVF criteria- no live births for at least 3 years

Covers fertility treatments in India up to annual limit, including IVF , & intrauterine insemination (IUI will help paraplegic persons)

All assessments to be done by our partnering IVF centers           

STDs covered and family planning IUCD, contraceptive pills immediately

Corrective orthopedic surgeries eg for congenital  or acquired bony malformations Corrective orthopedic surgeries covered  from year 2 of the program
Prosthesis and artificial limbs

Also covers crutches, walking frames, neck collars, lumbar corsets, joint supports, leg braces, hearing aids etc

Artificial limbs covered in Nigeria and India

Mobility aids covered in Nigeria but must be prescribed by a physician or physiotherapist in a partnering hospital.

Waiting list may apply so priority persons will access first. Hearing aids will be supplied directly by Redwood Polycare.

Specialist care Visits to specialists covered
Surgeries Minor, medium and major surgical emergencies covered Including emergency orthopedic surgeries and emergency dental surgeries

ELECTIVE surgeries covered  including eye surgeries, surgeries for reversible deafness etc and reconstructive surgeries

Dental Scaling and polishing covered
Antenatal and normal delivery Covered for all women
Eye care Refraction and lenses covered up to spending limit  
Cancer care Cancer care treatment in Nigeria or India. Available on a case by case basis