Celebrating the achievers who transformed their disabilities into super-abilities

I can never forget my first meeting at a Down syndrome Special Olympics forum. The hall was packed with hundreds of beaming parents, and excited children. A proud father leapt to his feet to address the audience. I was immediately inspired by his words. ‘I am so proud of my daughter!’ he said. She exceled at the Special Olympics swimming gala again last year.’ I can see now that my daughter has made us the privileged parents of a ‘star’. But for her, I would certainly not be here today- as I never dreamt that my daughter’s disability could make us famous!’ I regret that I used to see Down syndrome as a burden….but everything has changed now… my daughter has changed my life forever!’
His speech instantly uprooted my traditional view of Down syndrome and altered my entire perspective of the word ‘disability’. I began to see clearly that a ‘disability’ is what we choose to call a disability…and a disability is not necessarily an incapability. Indeed famous Kester Edwards, a former Special Olympics Trinidad and Tobago star swimmer, had this to say about his experience as a PWD,’ “In sport, I found a place where I could belong. That’s really what I needed more than anything when I was a child with an intellectual disability- a place where I could belong. When I swam, I belonged.”
Do you have a child with Down syndrome? Consider this an unparalleled blessing. Just recently a group of 50 mothers recorded an unbelievable video featuring their special children. Please click the Youtube link below to watch 50 Mums and 50 kids…


the time has come dear friend, to rise up and become that person that you were created to be, disability or no disability. Let us all become inspired by people who have refused to give up on themselves.
Consider also the life of Stevie Wonder, who was born prematurely with a condition known as ‘retinopathy of prematurity’. This meant that Stevie Wonder was blind from birth. But when the time came, his predicament only served to uncover his greatest asset- his voice. Stevie Wonder erupted unto the music world at the tender age of eleven, and over the next two decades, released a steady stream of top ranking songs. Today Stevie Wonder is still one of the greatest songwriters in the history of music.
So, let’s all recognize and celebrate the achievers around us. If you have a special talent or skill despite your disability, or you have a child who is talented in music, sports or Arts, please email rwpolycare@gmail.com to join any of our Talent promotion programs. We are currently in partnership with an NGO called Princess Lydia Foundation to support and grow children and adults with a range of talents. Don’t be left out. It’s your time to shine.

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